Puan Najwa Binti Othman (Dietitian)

  • Profile: Bsc. (Hons) Dietetics, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)
  • Language: English, Bahasa Malaysia
    What do Dietetic Service Offer?
    The dietitian counsel people on many different topics which include the following:Disease: - Diabetes | Cardiovascular disease (high blood pressure / high cholesterol/high triglyceride) | Kidneys disease (Chronic / acute kidney failure, dialysis, kidney stone) | Digestive or gastrointestinal problem | Gout | Cancer (on chemotherapy / radiotherapy) | Others : Weight Management, Underweight / Elderly malnutrition | Overweight / Obese | Women and Children Nutritional, Gestational Diabetes Mellitus | Pregnancy and post partum nutritional plan | Eating Problem | Nutritional Growth / growth assessment.