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Executive Health Screening
Many Common Diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary artery disease and cancer usually set in years before the disease actually surface. To prevent these diseases, early detection of risk factors are essential. At Metro Specialist Hospital, we offer Health Screening Programmes, which would enable you to identify your health problems. Click here for more information

Operational Days
Sun-Thur: 9am-5pm
Friday: 9am-1pm
Saturday: Closed
Public Holiday: Closed

Daycare operational days will be from Sunday to Thursday. Accident & Emergency Services are available 24 hours daily.


Metro Newsletter is the bulletin published quarterly by Metro Specialist Hospital. The newsletter contains a lot of information such as doctors write-ups, health tips, in-house events held at Metro Specialist Hospital such as blood donations, heart care programs, health talks, up-coming events, the latest services and facilities provided etc. This bulletin is a free publication. The main objective of the publication is to create public awareness on issues regarding health and diseases, treatment, medication including prevention etc.

Those who interested can advertise in the Newsletter and the charges are listed as below:

• Inside back cover RM1000
• Full page colour RM600
• Full page black & white RM400
• Half page colour RM200

Please contact Newsletter Committee, Metro Specialist Hospital for more information.
Tel: 604-4238888 ext 5004 (Ms.Harmeet)
(*This bulletin is a free publication)


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