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Health Package

Executive Health Screening
Many Common Diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary artery disease and cancer usually set in years before the disease actually surface. To prevent these diseases, early detection of risk factors are essential. At Metro Specialist Hospital, we offer Health Screening Programmes, which would enable you to identify your health problems.
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Health Package

We have a health package for Executive Health Screening. The charge is at RM323 only. It includes full physical examination by Consultant Physician, electrocardiogram (ECG), ultrasound abdomen pelvis and laboratory tests includes full blood picture, liver and renal function tests, lipid profile, diabetic test, blood group, VDRL and urine test. There is also an optional package provided and Stress test to measure the fitness of your heart. Besides that, there is also a mammogram test provided for female customers.

The mammogram is actually an X-ray of the breast to assess and identify lumps, cysts and abnormalities. Customers can also assess and identify abnormal lung functions by doing the chest X-ray. PSA (Cancer marker for prostate), AFP(Cancer marker for liver) and CEA (Cancer marker for colon and rectal) is also provided in the optional test. Other than that, there are other tests such as stool investigation, Pap smear for female, hepatitis B screening and others. For futher information regarding health packages, kindly call 04-4238888 ext: 1006 (Business Development Department).


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