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Career Advancement talk

Executive Health Screening
Many Common Diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary artery disease and cancer usually set in years before the disease actually surface. To prevent these diseases, early detection of risk factors are essential. At Metro Specialist Hospital, we offer Health Screening Programmes, which would enable you to identify your health problems.
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Operational Days
Sun-Thur: 9am-5pm
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Daycare operational days will be from Sunday to Thursday. Accident & Emergency Services are available 24 hours daily.

Career Advancement Talk

Metro Specialist Hospital is active in promoting various events mainly in community service. The events include labor orientation class, blood donations, health talk, medical camp which also provide free checking of glucose and blood sugar. Other than that, Metro Specialist Hospital also host career advancement talks specifically for students. The objective of these events is to create awareness to the students and the correct path to further their study and types of courses that they can take if they are interested in the medical line.

Whenever an invitation is received by the hospital e.g. from a school, a specialist, nutritionist, physiotherapist, representatives from nursing will be assigned to give the talks on the topics requested. Question and answer sessions benefits the students as they could communicate directly with the experienced and knowledgeable speakers.


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